I’m done living in the diaper stone age, and why you should be too.

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It’s true, we can spend MORE money on diapers each month than the electric bill. To help, here is my honest review of the HONEST diaper company, and how I saved over $50 bucks per month.


Back in 2012 when I had my first baby, online retailers with 2 day shipping, like Amazon, weren’t quite as hot as they are today. When I needed something for the baby like diapers or wipes, I would pack him up, drive over to CVS or Target, fight through the lines and eventually get back home (it’s like the stone age, I know). 😏

So you’d think with my second baby, I would have caught on, and jumped on the diaper delivery service bandwagon… but no.  I found myself once again, running over to CVS at the last minute to get one expensive pack of diapers at a time.

I had full intentions of ordering more in bulk online, but of course, by the time my “mom brain” got home, I was on to the next thing and would never remember to place the order.  I let this cycle repeat itself a few times until a lightbulb finally went off in my head. I remembered that my friend Dawn, a busy working mom of 3, was telling me about how much she loved the Honest Company and their diaper delivery service. So I decided to look into it. 

Is the Honest Company monthly delivery service the most economical way to buy diapers? Let’s do the math and you can decide for yourself. 

Before we talk numbers, let me tell you why I like the Honest Company diapers. They are made without fragrance, latex, or chlorine.  The absorbent core is made from fluff pulp and plant-derived materials.  I have read some concerning stories of other popular diaper brands leaving chemical burns on babies’ bums, so this more natural diaper sounded great to me. 

The diapers fit great and they are nice and soft.  Plus, they come in the cutest prints I have ever seen.  What’s cuter than a baby wearing a diaper covered in lemons, trucks, or roses?  Nothing.  There’s nothing cuter.

The prints are what got me interested in the Honest Company diapers in the first place, and the safe materials are a bonus.  As for the wipes, they are the best ones I have used because they are thick, textured, have absolutely no smell, and they come out of the package very easily.  If you have ever fumbled with the wipe container in the middle of the night, you know how important easy access is. 

(PS. Yes, I sound like I have stock in the company or something. I don’t. I’ve just gone through a lot of bad products in my days. Maybe you can relate.)

But we can’t always be about what’s cute and easy, we also must be smart with money.  Let’s get technical and compare the prices of diapers at Honest.com and Target.  I crunched the numbers for CVS, too, but I won’t bore you with the details.  I will just tell you that it was about $111 per month for diapers and wipes, so you are wasting your money if you shop there.

The math: If you don’t care about these details and you just want my conclusion, skip to the bottom!

HONEST PRICE  (size 1)

$4.95/pack of wipes (72 wipes, $0.0688/wipe)

$10.95/pack (35 diapers, $0.313/diaper)

Total cost for 4 packs of wipes and 7 packs of diapers (245 diapers):  $96.45


$4.99/pack of wipes (72 wipes, $0.069/wipe)

$10.99/pack (35 diapers, $0.314/diaper)

Total cost for 4 packs of wipes and 7 packs and diapers (245 diapers): $96.89

AMAZON  (size 1)

$ – Same price as other subscriptions @.31 cents per diaper

SO.. if you buy the wipes and diapers individually, the price is about equal at Honest.com and other retailers, unless you have some additional savings through cards or coupons. PLUS, at the Honest.com main site you can choose whatever patterns you like.

You might be thinking to yourself, what about another brand such as Huggies?

Well, let’s first say that you won’t get the super cute prints and clearly that is important to me. 😇

But if you are ok with standard (less environmentally friendly) diapers, you will spend $24.99 per 96 diapers ($0.26/diaper) and $10.00 for 288 “Natural Care” wipes ($0.034/wipe).  So… that’s .05 more cents per diaper for Honest Co, and .03 more cents per wipe.

For the wipes and 3 packages of Huggies diapers (288 diapers total), you will spend $84.97 (about an $8 savings per month).  In my experience the Huggies Natural Care wipes are a bit thin and rip easily when pulling them out of the container.


What’s the bottom line? 

My honest opinion on the Honest Company is that it is awesome because 1) the price is the best for what you get, 2) the diapers are the cutest, and 3) they deliver to my door automatically, for free.

PLUS if you sign up for the diaper bundle delivery with 4 packs of wipes and 7 packs of diapers, you will save 17% and the price per diaper drops to $0.26 (size 1), the same as the Huggies price mentioned above. 

👋 AND you can get $20 off your first order by using this link –>  http://www.honest.com/refer/1265177

Which means every time YOU refer a friend, you will get $20 off your own order.  

This puts you at $59.95 for a month’s worth of diapers and wipes, which can’t be beat. That’s why the Honest Company is the best deal!

BUT if you’re already an Amazon Prime member, and you’re not too picky about which patterns come in your box, you can get the same discounted pricing at Amazon. Here’s the link.

So what are you doing for diapers these days? Is there an even better deal out there you love? Have you tried cloth diapers? Let us know in the comments below. 👇



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